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Date: Wed Jun 12 01:58
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Date: Mon Mar 4 22:17
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Date: Sat Mar 2 13:23
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Date: Sat Mar 2 13:23
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Date: Tue Jun 5 09:19
Riff Randell (sheila91@gmail.com):
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Date: Mon Feb 20 18:22
Gloria Esperanza (snuffy91@aol.com ):
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Date: Sat Jul 30 18:06
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Date: Wed Jul 13 03:08
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Date: Fri Feb 11 01:35

Date: Mon Dec 13 07:16
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Date: Mon Nov 15 22:38
julie (jnf2000@gmail.com):
MIA? ??? Why?!

Date: Sun Aug 15 09:25
Martha Glazer (mg1207@yahoo.com):
Where are The Fenwicks?? We love you!

Date: Tue Apr 20 01:06
Jelle Grutterink (jelle.grutterink@gmail.com):
Hey guys, You're becoming pretty huge in the Netherlands... I could book you, if you like me to. Contact me: I think there's a future for you here! Love, Jelle

Date: Tue Apr 13 05:33
amir habibian ( www.amirhabibian@yahoo.com):

Date: Thu Mar 11 00:15
Raul (radwulfrc@yahoo.es):
Hi, I was just surfing the Internet and found your page. I like your videos and your songs a lot, specially "Deadly Mother" and the one "No one is coming". Is it really true that Schub´s know only those three chords? If it is, he doesn´t need to know anything else because he writes great songs... Simplicity is best! I wish I knew three chords too, he,he..

Date: Thu Sep 17 17:33
Sylvia Gonzalez (sglove1982@gmail.com):
Schub + Ochs = Oscar

Date: Tue Jul 7 00:26
Rude Girl87 (modsquad@sbcglobal.net):
Happy Birthday Schubieshake! 'Wick-head Forever... -RG

Date: Thu Apr 9 22:37
Mellisa Summers (ms.hotpants@virginiatech.edu):
We love you Fenwicks! xo, From the State of Virginia.

Date: Tue Mar 24 15:39
Ronya (rostuslav1993@gmail.com):
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Date: Tue Dec 9 17:51
Krystalle Voecks (krystallevoecks@krystallevoecks.com):
Song a Day #2: The Fenwicks - Member of No Tribe December 9th, 2008 / Filed Under: Krystalle's song a day. Flash back to the mid-90s, Northern Florida, in the interior of a fairly large club that I used to work at. I’d been dragged there by my (at the time) rock-star boyfriend to support some of his friends at a record release party. Knowing nothing at all about the band, I was ready to bail. (I’ve never been terribly fond of being in the middle of smushed-in crowds of sweaty bodies with no air conditioning and an almost almost solidly physical layer of cigarette smoke, frankly.) Just as I was considering my options for ducking out, The Fenwicks took the stage. Halfway through their first song, their energy had caught my attention. Three songs in, I was hooked. By the end of the night, I was blown away, having totally been rocked off my feet by this (then) “celtic-yiddish-ska” band. I left the rock-star boyfriend behind years ago, but I’ve kept the Fenwicks with me ever since. This song is all about the joy of rebellion to me; the feeling when you know, with absolute certainty that you are kick-ass and whatever it is that is pissing you off just point-blank sucks. It’s the musical equivalent of grinning like the cheshire cat while giving your problems and annoyances the middle finger. Excellent for keeping a smile on your face when people or things are irksome, for any time you need a little bit of energy, or feel like singing along loudly because you just rock. As an added bonus, you can get this song for free from The Fenwicks’ site. You see, while they made it and got a record deal, their label went under not too long after The Fenwicks’ first album “Member of No Tribe” took off. Not wanting to lose the music, they put it all up on their site for everyone to enjoy as opposed to making curious listeners and older fans hunt their debut album down on Amazon or eBay. (Well, unless you’re a fiending completist like I am.) Bonus love from me for that.

Date: Sat Nov 22 10:30
B (bbrandon@hotmail.com):
So, I saw you guys when you opened for big d last year, and I gotta say, most intense show I have ever seen. you and Big D collectively have more energy than a sock full of caffeine.

Date: Thu Oct 23 22:12
Jason H. (riotsk8team001@aol.com):
You guys kick so much ass. Member Of No Tribe is one of my favorite albums, period. One problem: you need some shows in California, you guys!!! I would totally travel to Florida just to see you live, though, if i had the money. Keep up the great music.

Date: Tue Oct 7 15:47
Ronda Gallagher (skanker@gmail.com):
Come home Fenwicks!

Date: Sat Aug 30 13:49
EZE NAIJA (eze2000@yahoo.com):
oh what a lovely site like this please keep up the good work.

Date: Mon Aug 18 19:31
Princess Peussie (Princess@mylover.com):
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Date: Sun Jul 20 01:17
Samuel Merlin (ECSTJPE@CJA.com):

Date: Sat Jun 21 08:16
'Wick-head #1 (msttp@aol.com):
I LOVE THE FENWICKS!!!! AND I LOVE STEVEN SHUB even more. you...know by taking the role in this theatre show have become even more of an idol to me. I love theatre and i love music....i love to act and i love to skank. so...yeah....just thought i would congtaulate you on this is say shalom and aloha from your favorte wic head ! ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Sun Jun 15 19:43
!@#%!@ (@#%@$@@$%@$.com):
remember me? the kid who kicked himself in the head 32 times? it was november 1st in jacksonville florida...you were playingwith big d and the kids table...whole wheat bread and the aka's....it was an amazing show...i skanked my head off to your guys amazing music...steve is my fricken idol.....i love the fenwicks music....i listen to truth and memore like all the time and i just love your music...i havent talked to you guys in a while and im just chillen here in jacksonville florida...so yeah...just wondering if you remembered me....cuz i remember you guys!

Date: Wed May 14 18:18
Klopsi (trudycorrieri@yahoo.com):
Glad this site is working again. THANKS, Uncle, for everything. You'll always be welcome at our house! Jacomo and Abe already miss you!

Date: Thu May 1 15:25
Arina (arina@mail.br):
Nice site!

Date: Thu May 1 13:47
Jubal Harshaw (cato@reason.net):
Liberty? Freedom? Reason? Ska? Check. Check. Check. And Check! You guys rule! (Benevolently, of course)....

Date: Thu May 1 08:30
George (goddysco167@yahoo.co.uk):
its nice

Date: Mon Apr 21 20:19
Evan in St. Pete Fl. USA (ralphk7@hotmail.com):
Where's the current (2008) Tour Listings ? Please put Tampa on the list !!! It's been way long since you've been here.

Date: Sun Apr 6 01:16
Simon Maytherp (smaytherp@sbcglobal.net):
How is it that The Fenwicks are not bigger than U2? What is wrong with this world? I want answers! Schub? Corrieiri? Anyone?

Date: Tue Mar 11 15:34
Prince Buster (completemadness@aol.com):
U r duh Ska-vant-Garde! 4th Wave is coming!

Date: Thu Jan 24 08:17
ali (niralamba@zianet.com):
had a dream last night, one of those beautifuly clear ones...i was at a fenwicks show on bleeker street with elise and my two kids. you guys were as great as ever!! glad to see you are still touring...peace

Date: Fri Jan 11 08:11
J. Opp (jopp@3er.com ):
I enjoyed your video. "Free Venezuela". I love that your band is so positive and good spirited, it creates a sense of enjoyment in oneself.I hope you keep up all the great work and I wish you all the best of luck.

Date: Thu Nov 1 12:53
Zipper Gooch (zippergooch@?mail.com):
you guys were probably the best opening band i have ever seen. best entertainers of all time!!! you guys blew my effing mind! i got 2 free pins and a free sticker. i would've bought a shirt, because i cant download them, if i had money =[

Date: Sun Oct 14 22:39
Rude Girl NYC (thirdwave@yahoo.com):
Two weeks away! Two Weeks Away!! TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tue Oct 9 14:45
Princess Peussie (palacefun@aol.com):
Well here at the Royal Palace, we've had lots of whipping, brandings and spankings......and these bad boys know who runs this show!! Come on over and let's party, THE PRINCESS PEUSSIE

Date: Thu Sep 27 23:39
meenal (m_hotascool@hotmail.com):
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Date: Thu Sep 27 23:39
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Date: Thu Sep 27 23:38
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Date: Thu Sep 27 23:34
meenal maharwal (m_hotascool@hotmail.com):
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Date: Sat Sep 22 13:19
Kimm Flory (ophelia27@aol.com):
Hey Guys Steve, Jimmy, Carlo, Ed, Chris, Artimis, and Kenny. Im so happy to see the Fenwickian adventure as a happening again.. Maybe i'll run into you on tour.. Love the pics - Classic days of old.. Will never forget it..Best time of my life.. You are all Fabulous Humans and Neo-Humans in your own right.. Stay Gold Love, Kimm

Date: Sat Sep 15 21:15
Rock Steady Rude-Boy (twotone@earthlink.net):
Human Rights? Steady Riot? Fenwicks? One Step Beyond!

Date: Fri Aug 24 16:33
New Fenwick Reviews! (yappazappa@wingnut.com):
"The story of this band is legend... America's only Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band is like Oingo Boingo on steroids... shifting seamlessly from circus music to booty shaking third wave ska at it's best. With an insane, hysterical, vaudevillian stage show, deranged lyrics and a frenzied assault on everything sacred, The Fenwicks will not disappoint". -Skratch Magazine "Bold and powerful. Blew my mind. I have never heard anything like this before". -Southern Ska Magazine "How can you not like this band? A band that swings and rocks at the same time.... A lead singer, who is at heart a showman... the best live band I have heard". -Silly Little Trouser Monkey Magazine "What is this?! The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. They are a band with a message: enjoy one's life! The songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice- they sing and perform with the joy they preach". -G. Murray Thomas The Independent "Diverse and electrifying. These guys make you want to cavort with wild spasms of joy, ruthlessly kicking your legs up with reckless abandon. Their infectious grooves leave you begging for more. Spin this disc at your next big party, and it will not soon be forgotten" - Glass Eye Magazine

Date: Tue Aug 14 21:23
You Know Who... (xo@xo.com):
Fenwicks.... Yummy!

Date: Thu Jun 28 18:26
Kate Phillips (Tabachok@list.ru):
Nice site man! This will be my first time visiting. Keep up the great work. Thanks much!

Date: Wed Jun 27 16:16
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Date: Tue Jun 5 04:33
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Date: Tue Jun 5 04:32
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Date: Thu May 31 05:38
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Date: Thu May 31 05:38
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Date: Mon Apr 9 23:24
Alan Nitikman (ANitikman@yahoo.com):
A kick!!! I didn't know what, exactly to expect and, now I've heard it, I still don't. The Fenwicks are a lot of fun and their love for music and for life comes through on every cut. Thanks, guys

Date: Thu Mar 29 15:55
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Date: Tue Mar 27 00:32
John Galt (JG@atlantis.com):
Who are The Fenwicks? The band that said they would stop the motor of the world- and did.

Date: Fri Feb 9 12:26
Erik (erik_kline777@yahoo.com):
You guys are the greatest thing since indoor plumbing and porno and I would just like to thank you for music that makes an ass shake and brings a tear to the eye. I'm 21 and my dad's 50, and we both love to get together and rock out to some Fenwicks. Thanks again! p.s. you guys were the BEST frickin band at warped tour...but I guess thats easy when your the best band in the WORLD! ROCK ON WICKS!!!

Date: Fri Feb 9 12:26
Erik (erik_kline777@yahoo.com):
You guys are the greatest thing since indoor plumbing and porno and I would just like to thank you for music that makes an ass shake and brings a tear to the eye. I'm 21 and my dad's 50, and we both love to get together and rock out to some Fenwicks. Thanks again! p.s. you guys were the BEST frickin band at warped tour...but I guess thats easy when your the best band in the WORLD! ROCK ON WICKS!!!

Date: Thu Feb 8 15:14
Mosa Laren (mosa@wyattoil.com):
Hey, Thanks so much for the music. I had forgotten how much I enjoy listening to you guys. You provided me with a very long-lasting smile. We've also been enjoying you on 24. What a treat to see such a "high energy" performance. So, when are you coming to the Bay Area? Thanks again, Mosa Laren

Date: Sat Feb 3 12:32
Brandice (Bramo8@aol.com):
We miss you guys in J-ville. I remember the good ol days of seeing you play at Dockside and Club 5. Thanks for playing at The Fly's Tie and Freebird Live in the past few years. Come back soon!

Date: Wed Jan 31 22:29
Fen-head Maximus (wickhead101@yahoo.com):

Date: Wed Jan 3 09:02
Aurora Mendoza (smc.edu@yahoo.com):
Hey , i just finish listening to your guy's cd and i i just want to let you know that it's good music. It has a bit of funk and rock to it. Very cool and classic. So, when are you guys performing? Please keep me posted on any events coming up. Thank you Aurora

Date: Sat Dec 16 17:13
Jeannie Delgado (strshine219@yahoo.com):
The Fenwicks... the only band that matters now!

Date: Tue Dec 12 04:16
onyeigbo (onyeigbo@yahoo.com):
good site and god bless all love all here ilove ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Date: Thu Nov 2 04:48
Fill (job_easy_money@yahoo.com):
Hallo! site the best! :)

Date: Mon Oct 30 14:45
Mistress Clarissa (beneatherfeet@yahoo.com):
When shall the FenGods bless NYC? I was turned on to u guys when I was a writer for a LI entertainment mag and got to review "Member of No Tribe". I was totally hooked and was lucky enough to catch a raging performance at CBGBs. That was over 10 yrs ago. Hell, I get the newsletter. Never any news about NYC gigs and I am so dissapointed that NYC never pops up. When oh when shall the FenGods bless our lowly town? www.mistressclarissa.com

Date: Wed Sep 20 07:21

Date: Wed Sep 20 07:16
muco (utmmh@hotmail):
sure are we not the best r what UP THE M/MOR HOODS......................U.T.M.M.H U.T.M.M.H...

Date: Wed Sep 20 01:19
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Date: Sat Sep 9 13:06
sameer (www.deeam_girl0007@rediff.com):
hey i like it what a gorgious u now i know how u are u fabarioute of all you are so..............................i cannot express in word......

Date: Tue Aug 29 01:58
moemin (moezaw7@gmail.com):
May YOU create a new gmail account.

Date: Mon Aug 14 08:34
Adam W. Kelley (godsrighthandman@hotmail.com):
Hey, i saw you guys at the Warped Tour last year and thought that you rocked. Got the cd and have turned several of my friends onto your music - now everyone wants to know when we can see you guys. We live in Orlando but would probably travel across the state to see you. Just let us know when and where. We need our Fenwicks Fix!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for kicking so much a**!!!!!!

Date: Sun Jul 23 12:39
raymond khanania (asmer_youkhana@yahoo.com):
hey brothers how are you guys doing its me ray remember me from "pie wackit" anyway how is everyone i missed you guys at the last concert been busy still playing, still remember the times we played together mybe we will do it again sometime.

Date: Sun Jul 23 12:37
raymond khanania (asmer_youkhana@yahoo.com):
hey brothers how are you guys doing its me ray remember me from "pie wackit" anyway how is everyone i missed you guys at the last concert been busy still playing, still remember the times we played together mybe we will do it again

Date: Wed Jul 5 14:08
Jared Miller (jaredmiller@optonline.net):
I am sitting here with my 5 year old daughter, Nicole, listening to Member of No Tribe on my I Tunes. I told her how we know each other and she wanted me to write you a note to say how much she likes your songs. Hope all is well.

Date: Sat Jun 24 22:33
Christina DeGracia-White (centerspacedance@netptc.net):
your music makes me want to move and jump around! love it! Do you have any ska style jigs an irish dancer can step to?

Date: Fri Jun 23 15:43
www.eatatmaxs.com (maxsdeli@ascendance.net):
eat more good stuff. stay healthy through experimentation. listen to fenwicks music. MAXimillian E.duardo PADilla

Date: Tue May 9 22:36
Tracey (tmontal@comcast.net):
The first time I heard you guys Is when my 18 year old son had your c.d. and shared it with me while we were on our way somewhere. I found it very entertaining. My son was also involved helping out setting up equipment for you guys in Orlando at one point. well to make a long story short. He since then left the house again and moved to Orlando somewhere and I love to listen to this upbeat music. It keeps my hope alive that my son will come back around and be a part of the family again. I love you Jonathan, don't give up!

Date: Thu Apr 20 06:23
Frida (fricorrieri@yahoo.com):
Dear Jimmy, This is your f___ing cousin from Italy! I've just seen your site and your photos. How are you doing? Has your wife had the baby yet. Let me or Nina know. Hope you are well. See you the next time you come to Barga. Love Frida XXX

Date: Sat Apr 15 00:03
Jenna (notpublic@noway.com):
Steve, can I just say (again) that I love Eudaimonia? Looking forward to the philosophizin' in May. Later, shaker :)

Date: Wed Apr 5 16:16
Drew Halloran (troglodrew@mac.com ):
The Fenwicks are the single best band I have ever watched live! I am fan from the early '90s in St. Augustine. I hope you guys come to South Florida soon. Rock On!

Date: Sun Apr 2 11:44
Eduardo Gonzales (cojones@hotmail.com):
i love it..... what kind of stupids are you, now i know that the kids like you in your country don´t have many thigs to do

Date: Wed Feb 15 02:32
Jannie (mirri_kitten@hotmail.com):
A little while ago I heard your music at a friends place, and I must say, it's been a long time since I've heard anything this good. Normally I'm not even that much into searching out bands and their backgrounds, but in your case I just had to know if you were planning on comming to the Netherlands anywhere soon. Sligthly disappointed I found out this wasn't the case, but this type of energy... I just had to post here and say, You rawk ;)

Date: Sun Feb 12 11:06
sunny (sunny@cool.com):
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Date: Tue Jan 10 09:44
Chris Davis (chris@cordair.com):
Dear Fenwicks, I was just turned on to Truth and Memory by a Roadie/Objectivist here in the San Francisco Bay, and I am blown away! Finally, a great band with good ideals that doesn’t make my ears bleed (I’m referring, of course, to Rush). “Flock like pigeons to my Boogie!” You’re darn right. I work for Quent Cordair Fine Art (www.cordair.com), a romantic realism gallery in San Francisco owned and operated by Objectivists. If you are ever in the area, we’d love to have you in. Until then, be sure to check out the website. Enjoy the art, and I’ll enjoy the music. Chris Davis- Quent Cordair Fine Art

Date: Mon Jan 2 15:34
Amy (no_spam_for_me@ill_never_tell.org):
The Objectivist _Bob Dylan_?! Maybe lyrically, OK, but visually ... NO WAY!! (Ugh, just typing that name is leaving a horrible picture in my mind.) In terms of sheer front-man magnetism, I was thinking more along the lines of, say, Gavin Rossdale. Happy 2006 Fenwicks!

Date: Wed Dec 21 13:54
Thomas L. Knapp (tlknapp@free-market.net):
Crank Up the Volume! I talk a lot about politics.... Activism is almost always framed in political terms: stop this government action, encourage that move toward freedom, vote, lobby, push the ideas into the forum of political action. Sometimes it's easy (to turn a phrase around) to miss the trees while looking at the forest. One of the trees in the forest of emerging liberty is culture. No, scratch that. Culture is the soil in which the trees of freedom must be planted if they are to grow strong and tall. Yeah, that's it. It's time we got serious about introducing freedom into every niche, not just the political.... Starting with music.... How about "the world's greatest (and only) Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska band," the Fenwicks? These guys are some serious rhythm players, with two CDs under their belts. Buy one -- you can download some MP3 files first to make sure this is your kind of music. If you like to dance, it is. Listen to "Man First" and then try to tell me that pop-ska outfits like No Doubt or the Mighty Mighty Bosstones have _anything_ on the Fenwicks. Do what you can to get them buzzing in people's ears. And dance a little.

Date: Sat Dec 10 20:11
Joe Young (Louise.Van.Buren@hotmail.com):
Ok, you guys are by far thé most insane (yet swinging) punk band I've ever heard. A big fat 'chapeau' to all the lads at camp fenwick!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!! 'k?

Date: Mon Dec 5 23:11
Impact Press Fall '05 (www.impactpress.com):
The Fenwicks? • . • Oh great, here we go again ANOTHER "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band! Wait a second WHAT?! Yiddish who? Yeah, you read me.... This is as catchy as anything Fishbone ever did. It's absolutely a blast! (SH)

Date: Sun Oct 23 21:10
Chris Shimer (fatalx_and_the_uberjew_cru@yahoo.com):
I love you guys! I first saw you all at this year's Warped Tour in Orlando Florida, and you guys kicked some serious ass! I specially thought you had some awesome views on people blowing themselves up, I mean you are taking the completely opposite side on the war in Iraq then most of the media. Anyhoo keep kicking ass and come back to Florida! -Shimer-

Date: Sun Oct 23 19:36
fen head (hendrix6889@hotmail.com):
sup homies!!! you guys gotta do a show in south florida some time soon, its been to long

Date: Sat Oct 8 08:55
XXX (xxx@xxx.com):
XXX! xo, XXX

Date: Tue Sep 13 21:02
Ayesha Hussain (aka Henna girl) (touch_infinity@hotmail.com):
Hey there! Just wanted to say hello and see how you all are doing and what you guys have been up to. I was wondering if you have more footage of Warped Tour and if you guys got any pictures with me in them or my henna. I also wanted to ask if you guys have any video footage from the Orlando show. Well, I've been listening to your CD non-stop and absolutly love it! I still am able to find new things on each song every time I listen to it. I give it 7 stars out of 2 =). Schub- You always have the sexiest outfits, hahaa! You guys should come up to Michigan. I can garuntee one thing: going to one of your performances is like a party, and that it will always be the most fun you would ever have at a concert. I hope you guys do Warped Tournext year! If you guys have a tour any time soon, I'd love to help you guys out on the road. I had such an amazing time with you all, and I miss you all! Its so nice to see that you guys are doing a benifit for Katrina. Bless you guys =). You all are amazing. Schub, you are freaktastically insane, and I absolutly love it!!! I didn't relize you did acting on top of being an insane singer. Your acting truely reflects your personality, and you put so much personality in any part you have =). The Horndogs are just awesome... you all meld so well together. Jimmie, I love your guitarwork and vocals... and of course your kilt. I shall always remember you as the guitarist with a kilt- sexy. Ed, you balance really well with Jimmie and it sounds fantabulous. Kenny, your drumming is insane and just awesome! You really set the tone and beat to the songs. Chris... I love the Steel drums, gives the songs a more exotic and caribean feel to it. Jon, need more cowbell! I think I got everyone... sorry if I didn't! You guys are amazing, please keep in touch! Love, Ayesha

Date: Sun Sep 11 14:27
Lauren - The "Luminous One" (sunblond@tampabay.rr.com):
Hey! Where are the pictures from the Orlando Warped tour? You guys are awesome! Come play a show in Tampa or St.Pete sometime! Love, The Luminous One

Date: Tue Aug 23 20:29
a new fan (anewfan@yahoo.com):
Someone just gave me a copy of your CD and all of my friends at school love it. Are you coming back to Florida soon?

Date: Tue Aug 23 06:56
KELLY PYLE (stokd2surfnskate@netscape.net):
Hey guys, its me Kelly, your sister!! Well it was really good seeing you at warped tour and with you at AL's. But i hope to see you guys again soon! So Chris, call me some time so we can surf Melborne. Alright well the band rocks!

Date: Mon Aug 15 18:50
cd (monolyth@clearwire.net):
flys tie first time brilliant
Date: Thu Aug 11 18:08
Jesse (isilartiou@hotmail.com):
I saw the brilliant performance at Warped in JAX. I was very impressed, not having heard of you guys before the said performance. You lot have inspired me to start my own poly-piece ska band. Good luck, Fenwicks.

Date: Sun Aug 7 17:30
Elliot Evins (mun2andy@adelphia.net):
aww man i saw you guys at warped it was to great best band there, hope to see you down here in miami sometime real soon. E.e

Date: Sat Aug 6 23:17
Belinda (shagwell0073@excite.com):
hey guys saw you at warped the other day in jax..you were awesome..gonna try to come see yas monday..steven you are soo hot..

Date: Fri Aug 5 22:11
Amy (no_spam_for_me@ill_never_tell.org):
Um, it seems that the rest of the country is deprived. Might you be persuaded to embark upon a full U.S. tour? Or maybe just a date or two at places more centrally located . . . say, just for example, Colorado?

Date: Fri Aug 5 18:14
"sister" Karin Bunch and Debbie Macking (debbie82078@gmail.com):
Saw you guys at WARP in St Pete Fl. You all rocked and definitly will be looking to see you play again!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Fri Aug 5 15:36
Justin Doak (itzarazorblade@gmail.com):
hey! I saw you guys in Jax yesterday, and you were GREAT! I was the one with the neon green reflector jacket. I expected so much less of you... but I hear ska and I decided I might as well check it out, being the ska fan that I am. And WOW! You guys just KICKED ASS! I mean, that was GREAT! I am now a huge fan. Thanks for a great show.

Date: Fri Aug 5 12:23
Keri (island2discover5@aol.com):
I too saw you in Jax yesterday... come back! Again and again and again! I'm listening to you right now. You're all so awesome.

Date: Fri Aug 5 05:37
Yishai (JesseP83@aol.com):
Shalom Alechem, I saw you guys at warped tour in Jacksonville yesterday. Thanks for the break from the same ol' cry baby bands. I've got a spring in my step now that won't go away!!! When are you guys going to have Yarmulka's? I can't wait to explain to the folks at shul what The Fenwicks are. Peace, Yish

Date: Mon Aug 1 21:15
Missy (missy@anonymousgirl.com):
Hey Chris Pyle. Nice mug shot, still beautiful. Glad to see you're still alive. Hmmm, you probably have no idea who I am..... that chick that lived in the same apartment complex as you and Robert in the late 80's ....friend of redhead girl whose breasts you were mesmerized by. Maybe I'll go buy your records, well probably will.... ok, ok, I will... soon. Um, have a lovely life, bye.

Date: Sat Jul 23 20:16
GONZOgranpappy (granpappy.marshall@gmail.com):

Date: Fri Jul 22 15:19
GONZO GRANPAPPY (granpappy.marshall@g-mail.com):
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Date: Sat Jul 16 10:40
GONZOgranpappy (n/a):

Date: Wed Jul 6 11:41
Rudie (skankergrl@yahoo.com):
$^^%#%$!!!! Fenwicks are go!

Date: Fri Jun 17 14:29
GONZOgranpappy (8283354201):

Date: Tue May 31 22:40
oni (dionel_seranas@yahoo.com):

Date: Mon May 16 19:46
Angela Volner (csmith18@tampabay,rr,com):
Johnny, what happend to your little nephew ronnie, I thought he was going to be your drummer. How is Your sister Anita...Well I won't keep you. I just wanted to know what happend to him. If you see him tell him I said hey.

Date: Sun May 15 06:43
Cindy (cindyluwho03@yahoo.com):
Does anyone have the complete lyrics to The Happy Song by The Taj Motel?

Date: Wed May 11 09:23
Andrea Gomez (foofoohead@hotmail.com):
Ruff ruff!!! Yum! Yum!

Date: Thu Apr 14 16:58
Tam (classicgirl2474@yahoo.com):
is it august yet...i'm like a kid on christmas eve...can't wait to see you guys!!! soooooo excited!!! let's hope hurricane season gets a late start...argh! peace love n happiness!!! xoxo~~~tam (the official massage therapist of the world famous fenwicks...shouldn't i be on tour WITH YOU GUYS???) we need to talk about my contract...haaaaaaaaa

Date: Wed Apr 6 21:28
Andy Jackman (reelbigfish463@fuse.net):
Please come to cincinnati on the warped tour!!!!! We need more ska! PLEASE!

Date: Thu Mar 31 09:32
Dezzy Swaine (vespa777@hotmail.com):
Gonna explode when I finally get to see my 'Wicks!

Date: Thu Mar 17 17:49
Miles Overtree (skanker@sbcglobal.net):
WARPED TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'Wick-heads of the World Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Date: Thu Feb 17 15:54
Z.F. Lively (zlively@puppetslounge.com ):
I'm quite glad to hear that the Fenwicks are back with a vengeance. I used to see you guys all the time in St. Augustine and Jax, my old band, The Fruitless Lust Sox opened for you once at Spacoli's in St. A and I interviewed Steve and Jim on WFCF many years ago. I'm now living in Seattle and think that the Fenwicks would kick ass out here. Plus I'd love to see you guys live again-one of the funnest, most moving performances ever. I'd like your permission to put a link to this site on my website: http://www.puppetslounge.com Let me know what you think. Rock On, you've been missed. Thanks for the music, Z.F. Lively p.s. Steve is the best part about 'Caught', you outshine everyone.

Date: Thu Feb 10 18:19
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Date: Sat Jan 15 12:01
Rude Girl (2Tone@yahoo.com):
Whither thou goest Fenwicks?

Date: Sat Dec 25 10:52
Reggie (41cows@gizmo.com):
Merry Everything Fenwicks!

Date: Mon Dec 6 12:23
Charles Clarke White Allan III (location13@adelphia.net):
Dear Steven, I just finished watching "No Vacancy" and thoroughly enjoyed your performance. It was a crazy scattered film with ridiculousness at it's core, yet you managed to shape, mold and ground every second, in reality. All the while being over the top. Amazing! Truly a treat to see a very talented person get the opportunity and use it to it's full potential. Most people would just say you were great or Wow, how'd ya do that? Steven, you have a gift and need to continue to share it with us all. Thank you and hope all is well. Now, go get yer SHINE BOX!!!!
Date: Tue Nov 23 12:45
brandon (jurassic711@yahoo.com):
hey i just found out about the fenwicks and i love em! the singer is crazy! you guys should do some shows in western new york some time

Date: Tue Nov 16 17:45
madmax (maxsdeli@ascendance.net):
steve, shoot me a line. stay in touch. sorry i missed you in L.A. Maybe next time.

Date: Wed Oct 6 10:10
Joe Kane (kanej@mnstci@iraq.cemtcom.mil):
Subject: I forgot my Fenwicks! EeeeeeeeK! Code Red in Baghdad, I deployed without my Fenwicks! Dear Fenwicks First Response Squad, please send me a CD, pretty please. I will listen to it every day for six months while I am in the Green Zone and when I leave I will deposit it in the palace library of former president Saddam Hussein for the enjoyment of the other troops here who may be Fenwick-less at the moment. If you choose to accept this mission send the CD to: Joe Kane MNSTCI Public Affairs APO AE 09316. Sincerely, Joe "Baghdaddy" Kane, Fenwick Fan since the beginning of the new millineum.

Date: Tue Sep 7 14:19

Date: Sun Aug 22 09:07
Miss ? (?@?.com):

Date: Wed Jul 14 14:34
Brandei TerKeurst (DUTCHWOM2@AOL.COM):
Along long time ago (before the wind before the snow)-I worked at a bar in St. Augustine, Fl called "Spacolli's" and The Fenwick's played there weekly. I loved your sound, but moved from Florida 6 years ago. Recently in a used CD shop, I came across. Out of curiousity, I put in the keyword "Fenwicks" on my yahoo browser. CONGRATS to you all- I love you guys- happy for your success.

Date: Tue Jun 22 17:06
Henrik Olausson (olausson.henrik@telia.com):
I want to thank you all for some great songs that realy made me happy, heard "Semper fidelis" as a soundtrack in a snowboardmovie and just had to hunt you down and I found your website, have to buy "truth and memory" now. Thanks again and keep sound like this!

Date: Wed May 19 09:14
Seymour Glass (hapworth16@aol.com):

Date: Tue Apr 20 07:39
YankeeBill (yankeebill@msn.com):
Recently a village friend turned me on to the Fenwicks music. It drove me insane instantly, and I had to beat my former friends ass for assaulting my ears and brain with this insane noise. A band like this should never have been. YUCK! Lou Reed save us! And come to find out the maniac madman of the band uses the white guys to promote the continued occupation of foreign soil while occupying this soil at the same time! I hereby declare the fenwicks as domestic terrorists! Where is homeland security when you need them? Probably selling crack on the corner. Seriously though, the Fenwicks are the greatest band in the world- you know, that little world which resides in between their ears. Someday they may just figure out music is something to be enjoyed- less drama, and more syncopations. Yankee Bill

Date: Thu Apr 8 09:34
annestone (tuesdayiwasflyin@yahoo.com):
hey, I'm gonna be in nyc in a few weeks and would love to catch up with james hugh... are you out there, dah-link ? :)

Date: Mon Mar 29 13:49
Doug from Pork Pie Tribe (dcaudio41@hotmail.com):
Wow!! I saw The Fenwicks at Club Detroit in St.Pete, Fl about 10 years ago. Steve sent me a postcard once and then...nothing. I saw your site link on the southern ska page. I still have my copy of "Member of no Tribe" I'm glad you guys are still at it.

Date: Mon Mar 29 13:16
Luke (info@lukehits.com):
Subject: Possible Film Placement Fenwicks, Love your songs. Could you shoot me a CD for possible Film/TV placements, this explains: http://lukehits.com/dailynews http://lukehits.com/washingtonpost Cheers, Luke http://lukehits.com

Date: Fri Mar 26 20:43
www.internetnewsdaily.com (internetnewsdaily@yahoo.com):
cool site

Date: Wed Mar 24 19:43
George Watson (gwatson@hpa.edu):
Hi, I teach film and video at a private secondary school in Hawaii. We really like your music and wonder if you would be kind enough to permit us to use it for our school, non-commercial, projects? You can check us out at www.hpa.edu. Thanks for considering our request. Aloha, George

Date: Sat Mar 20 12:57
DREW HAWTHORNE (bouncingsoul45@aol.com):
Nice site, check this out... DREW HAWTHORNE: Nick Drake meets Bright Eyes... "The kind of music I could picture having coffee and a cigarette to in the morning...that is if I smoked cigarettes. Good Stuff." -Alley Ooped! (Review 3/1/04) www.PureVolume.com/DrewHawthorne

Date: Fri Mar 19 20:34
Krystalle (pandaATdivagothDOTcom):
Dang, Steve. You guys get some of the weirdest comments I've ever seen in a guestbook. But I'll be nice. This is no place for a flamewar. Heh. Still converting 'em out here. May have to consider adding a Tampa/St. Pete show to your dates, because I'm slowly gaining ground for you guys there. ;) One follower at a time...

Date: Sun Feb 22 15:18
? (?@?.com):

Date: Wed Feb 4 08:54
Anthony Bond (anthonypbond@yahoo.co.uk ):
hi guys i have added your webpage on my site.we have been present ska express show on our local community radio station early last year. we have now been granted with full licence so i am hoping to have my ska show back on the air on 17th of march st patricks day so if you have any demos you can send me for my special celtic ska show for st patricks day this would be great ill give you air play.my address is anthony bond 7 Villas 2 Muirhevnamor Dundalk Co.Louth Ireland let me you if you like to send any demos you may have and i will give you some airplay on our show called ska expresss on dundalk 107fm. regards Anthony bond

Date: Sat Jan 31 20:14
Princess Peussie (i.a.a@34.com):
Just last night while I was dancing the Tasmanian Devil Foxtrot on the rim of my toilet seat at the Royal Palace, I heard the ringing sounds of Princess Peussie singing CHRIST, BRING THAT SLASHBURGER BACK HOME, and I fell to the floor weeping and laughing and begging the LORD to hear my little, drug-invested prayers. Down with those panties and let's see what you've got to show for yourselves. Heave hoy, joy-boy, it's into the fisting sling for you all. Smiles from the Royal Palace, Yours, Mary Mount Secretary to Her Royal High-Nest, Princess Peussie http://www.geocities.com/pocitojuanito/Kids_Safe_World.html http://www.geocities.com/pocitojuanito/Glorious_PrincessPEUSSI.html http://www.geocities.com/pocitojuanito/Fudgepackers_2003_Review.html http://www.geocities.com/pocitojuanito/THE_ROYAL_COURT.html http://www.geocities.com/pocitojuanito/Cobain_Cobain_noPAIN.html

Date: Wed Jan 28 05:07
okomugu (okomugu@yahoo.co.uk):
good job

Date: Tue Dec 23 08:27
Jak (Usual Suspects) (pro_geno@hotmail.com):
Hello, This site is great! You guys are a really really good band, just the sort of music i am into. How on earth did you think of writing a song where the lyrics are just blah blah blah? Great idea. I found this band off my Media Player, searching for Ska Bands. You want to check out my bands site??? htp://www.usual-suspects.moonfruit.com We are a 5-piece Ska/Punk band from England and we are in the middle of recording our first EP. Please pay is a visit, Thanks. JåK

Date: Sun Dec 21 11:10
Robert Taborek (rtaborek@wp.pl):
Hi ! I Saw you guys in 1992 at CBGB`s and other New Yorks clubs. I still reamember you. I`m glad you're still alive.I have your first album.Did you make more ? Please let me know. If is possible send me an email. Now I`m in Poland. I realy loved your music and still do.Sometimes I put your video on and dream about New York. Robert T.

Date: Wed Nov 26 12:02
Dr. Hackenbush (hope@skarules.com):
We miss you....

Date: Wed Nov 5 21:54
enza (enza1985@yahoo.com):
steven, its been a while, you should call me or something, and i can fill you in all the rest of the summers shananagans ;-p or write me an email ;-) *enza

Date: Wed Oct 22 10:44
$%^$#% (%^$&^$%@^%&%^.com):

Date: Fri Sep 12 19:31
Sheh Buhbuh Butt (lejab@yahoo.com):
Elvis Dylan Beatles..... love your mother...

Date: Wed Aug 13 16:58
Allah (72Virgins@paradise.com):
You Rule.

Date: Fri Aug 1 01:21
enza (enza1985@yahoo.com):
dundundunnnnnnn::: if you would have waited i could have made it way better!:::: but noooooooo......... so here you go ;-) finally from the critics @ stand four for the greatest entrepreneur stand four has ever seen: (btw everyone had already read it before i had gotten there) Some say the beatles are the world's greatest band, some, the stones, but I am here to tell you all that after hearing the fenwicks i have no doubt that they have claimed that title. (atleast in my pins and cd cases ;-) ) Not only do the fenwicks offer awesome skank ready tunes, it sounds like they also put on a good show (now if only i would have been old enough to see a show the last time you guys probably played live ;-p) As for the singer, genius pure genius. As for his vocal range, he puts even cyndi lauper to shame. .. and man oh man is he one sexy mama. ***i HAD a funny picture here, but ur board wont let me post it....*** haha Anyway, on to the most important part of this review... now i have spent a few weeks with steven, holed up in a tiny stand and let me tell you he reeks. no j/k he doesnt smell at all. ;-) Obvoiusly, that was unsound advice from a guy that not only does not know but cannot spell either (not that i can either buttttt........), nor knows great ska when he hears it. ps now i know why you wanted me to get rid of the rufio pin '-p

Date: Mon Jul 28 07:44
Justin Robertson (ebmedia@blackknights.org):
That's some skank-tastic goodness you've got there... I had the pleasure of listening to the live record tonight. Thanks for all that good stuff...

Date: Sat Jul 26 23:26
RUfio (ghettoskater_87@yahoo.com):
MAN IF ANYONE ever reads this do you think you can hook me up with some rUFio mp3's!!!!! THANX;)

Date: Sat Jul 26 23:26
RUfio (ghettoskater_87@yahoo.com):
MAN IF ANYONE ever reads this do you think you can hook me up with some rufo mp3's!!!!! THANX;)

Date: Sat Jul 26 23:25
RuFIO (dd_baker@hotmail.com):
MAN IF ANYONE ever reads this do you think you can hook me up with some rufo mp3's!!!!! THANX;)

Date: Sun Jul 13 23:22
Steven Schub (shake@thefenwicks.com):
Dear John... I've been telling the band the same thing for years! As for the "insperation", you've "inspered" me- to try that much harder.... Then again... I'm probably trying too hard as it is. Hmmmn... Thanks for the edification... xoxo, Old Nasty Voice Himself

Date: Sun Jul 13 13:24
John (yes i have one....ohhhhhhhh!):
this rubbish page wouldnt let me say what i truely think about you... hahaha, drop the leader singer and you guys would sound a lot better. at the moment you smell....bad. get some insperation from a band like rancid,at the moment your sound is too clean cut,Real ska is supposed to be rough. but who cares what i think,you seem to have a lot of fans.. (who from the sounds of it havent a clue as to what ska should sound like.) and youve been on tv.wow,no really wow! pffffffffff............ "wheres my specials record?" loose old nasty voice and get someone English on vocals. Sound advise from a guy that knows.

Date: Thu Jul 3 11:37
schubieshake... (shake@thefenwicks.com):
Dear Ms. McDonald- Schub here. Tried writing to your address, but just keeps bouncing back. Hopefully you'll read this. Book a gig, find a way to get eight 'Wicks out there, and we'll play for free... xoxo, SS

Date: Wed Jul 2 10:58
Eva McDonald (spinningcentrifuge@yahoo.com):
When R U guys coming to Ireland???? Hey, Irish Chick here writing to you from N.Ireland.....first seen u in Jacksonville!!! Come over and take us Paddys by storm!!! Any Irish girl would die to meet Schub!!! All the best!!

Date: Tue Jun 24 20:27
mad max (stacyandmax@earthlink.net):
steve....................you wanna hold on to the barf bag now?! max

Date: Tue Jun 24 20:09
XXX (XXX@XXX.com):

Date: Mon May 26 17:08
SKABAAL (skabaallllll@hotmail.com ):
GREAT SITE! :-) http://www.lnqs.com/skabaalsstartpagina/

Date: Wed May 14 09:33
YDP Records (keep_punk_elite@yahoo.com):
Hey guys this is James Jackson from YDP Records and we are realeasing a comp on june 6th the comp contains all ska bands is is only 4 dollars so you should really pick it up. You can pre-order a copy at www.ydprecord.com or just email me at keep_punk_elite@yahoo.com heres the track listing YDP Records Presents Won't Give Up 01. Taj Motel Trio -myself* 02. Late For Life- AWOL* 03. Perfect Orange 04. Clumsy Dolphins - Staying Young* 05. The Pietasters- dollar bill* 06. folly-the piano song* 07. I voted for Kodos- She Hates Ska* 08. Murphys Kids-Breaker* 09. Slow Children At Play- Another Day at the lake* 10. Last Picked- Walking In Linden* 11. Melmac- last tuesday* 12. The Skeptics-my cannibal* 13. No Cash- Education* 14. the miasmics-World Face Mind* 15. One Pump Chump 16. Who am I?- Quiters are winners 17. Mu330 - You can' win again* 18. Bum Ruckus- Sum Quad Eris* 19. Too Short Notice- Stitch*

Date: Tue Apr 8 09:44
Rya M. (ryam@earthlink.net):
Oh my god! That performance was so so so so so so so good! Your best ever that I saw without question. I love when I can hear the words, cause, well, they really good! And it deepens the whole experience of course. So the more I can understand u, definitely the better, and I can not say that about most musicians. I think it's usually the opposite, isn't it? So I love it acoustic style - I've decided u should for sure make an acoustic album - I wish someone recorded that show! And really love the two of u together - you guys have like the perfect balancing energy for each other . . . Anyway, your songs made me laugh, feel political pride, giggle giggle, think (use my few remaining brain cells) and made my heart melt a time or two.... actually got teary eyed! For real... I've been listening to your cd's and they are filled with such life and vigor and energy! Just like u! And by the way, can u tell your band mate, that his 'monster' song, broke me into like a million pieces - I want a copy of it! And I loved your voice best at the end, ah-naturale, moved my soul in its vulnerable quiet blast. So Mr. u, that's it, wanted to share my thoughts, from my scattered sensitivities. Promise I will go out with u after next time and sing your praises to all that will listen... I mean it! From the smallest peak to the highest mountain top - the FENWICKS ROCK!

Date: Fri Apr 4 19:41
Joseph Kane (joe@ablekane.com):
Sesame street music for adults! This is FUN music! Rowdy, enlightened, rough and perfected to make you shimmy your feet and tap your fingers..... I think of it as "life-jolting music." I haven't enjoyed a new CD this much for a lonnnnnng time. I'm trying to think of some way to compare The Fenwicks to anyone else, and all I can come up with is: if Morrissey was no longer depressed and took over the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who then teamed up with Devo and Lynyrd Skynyrd for a big jam session with Frank Zappa... Hmmm, yeah that about does it. Truly original music!

Date: Thu Apr 3 11:50
Stacey Kilduff (SLDKilduff@homeside.com):
The last time I saw you all was in St. Augustine in Florida. I had one of the best nights ever and I did not even have a slight buzz. I can't recall the last time I enjoyed myself that much. I hope you all come back to Jacksonville soon. I listen to your CD all the time. I have given your CD to friends and they love it. Anyway, thanks again for your great sound and energy, it is mesmerizing and makes me exceedingly happy; honestly.

Date: Wed Mar 19 08:45
Mose Sharp (CarterandSharp.com):
Fenwicks? A Riot! A Panic! A Knockout! A Wow!

He MADE the Fenwicks! Guess he went on to bigger and more challenging gigs?

He MADE the Fenwicks! Guess he went on to bigger and more challenging gigs?

Date: Sat Mar 15 12:52
Alan (a989@yahoo.com):
Today, I found myself humming to myself, "You pushing Me? You pushing Me?" very scary especially because I don't even know if that's what you're saying but I dig it.... Put your cd on in the house today and my daughter started dancing to it - very cool. I have never heard anything like this. Great stuff...

Date: Thu Mar 6 21:30
Matt (mblee@uark.edu):
Really like the mp3s. Check out www.sixhungsprung.com

Date: Mon Mar 3 16:00
Dug (Skratch Magazine):
This album "Truth & Memory", from America's only "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" band is like Oingo Boingo on steriods, and the story of this band's formation is now legend. It doesn't hurt that Schub is a vocal twin of Wall of Voodoo's Stan Ridgeway. The frantic live tunes on this album are a great sampling of third-wave ska at its best. Most of the banter is funny, if not hilarious and the breakneck pace of the songs forces you to move your feet. Few bands can incorporate a kazoo into their music as effectively as The Fenwicks, while fewer still can shift seamlessly from circus music to booty-shaking ska. "Truth & Memory" is great stuff ...

Date: Thu Feb 27 10:22
THE INDECISIVES (Ragin@theindecisives.com):

Date: Tue Feb 25 06:49
Jenya Becker (jenbecker@hotmail.com):
The Fenwicks has held the distinct position in my heart and soul as "Music I Cannot Possibly Sit Still to...Even if You Try to Make Me...NO! I Won't Do It!!!!" Ok, I think I overstated my point, but that's the essential idea. I don't allow friends to say no to attending a Fenwicks show. Anyway, I'm so bummed about living here in Egypt and having no access to Truth and Memory. I'm forced to rely upon my own. Fenwicks power, ACTIVATE!

Date: Sun Feb 23 20:50
Scott Budman (scott.budman@nbc.com):
Wow .. from "greased lightning" to this. Very, very cool .. and an excellent website. Thanks.

Date: Mon Feb 17 12:45
AL (www.impactpress.com):
You can't help but start dancing to the beat of each of these songs. ..

Date: Fri Feb 14 14:55
. (.):

Date: Fri Feb 7 12:17
Marcia DeMuro (earnard@zwallet.com):
You are a true joy to hear. Congrats on your great site. I truly hope you continue to promote it further. http://www.1heluva.com/cgi-bin/join.cgi?refer=14292

Date: Sun Jan 26 13:50
G. Murray Thomas (www.theindependentreviewssite.org):
What is this? Yiddish ska? From the opening cries of "L'chayim" over a hyper reggae beat, it is obvious that The Fenwicks are not a normal band. Blending punk, ska, pop and klezmer, they sound like something you'd hear at a mutant cross-cultural wedding. The result is at once puzzling and obnoxiously catchy. Despite their stylistic schizophrenia, The Fenwicks are a band with a message. "Eudaimonia", the title of the album, is defined (in the liner notes) as "1. The moral purpose of life: one's own happiness. 2. A state of fundamental enduring joy, which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." This theme is referred to again and again in the lyrics, in many guises. The message is to enjoy one's life, but not through a hedonistic pursuit of pleasures, but through honesty and integrity in love and joy. Again and again the songs ask you to live with integrity, love with sincerity, and act to make your life better. For the most part, this is not an album of deadly seriousness. The Fenwicks sing and perform with the joy they promote. The music is full of surprises and tasty touches, and the lyrics brim with little jokes and asides. The Fenwicks promote joy both in theory and in practice.

Date: Fri Jan 17 07:40
Jasmine (jstodel@hotmail.com):
When are you coming back to NYC?

Date: Thu Jan 16 09:53
Andy Brooks (tb18@bellsouth.net):
The Fenwicks have been my favorites since I first saw you at Admiral Spacolli's in St Aug, back in the days of the old yellow school bus. I've got Member of No Tribe, Eudaimonia and soon will have Truth and Memory.

Date: Mon Jan 6 12:39
Skip Provence (Silly Little Trouser Monkees):
How could you not like a Fishbone type rock band? How the hell could you not like a band that swings and rocks at the same time? How could you not like a lead singer who is at heart a showman?  Really, how could you not like this disc? "Truth & Memory" the best live document of a band I have heard in a long time. Hey maybe the band can find a way to live stream a show on their web site or put out a video on their next release of them playing live? EH?? Maybe.  (SP)

Date: Sat Jan 4 11:26
Nick H. (www.southernska.com):
When I first heard the description of this band, "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska", I thought no way this could be a correct explanation of this band. As I popped in the CD and listen to it over and over again, this IS the only description that could possibly match this band. It really almost blew my mind. I hadn't heard anything like this before! Great musical talent, lively and energetic music, and political lyrics woven into a sheet of powerful, bold tunes. Songs like, "My Luck", "You, Me, and Hersey" and "Truth and Memory" really get you feet moving with the horn driven lines. At times the songs remind me of the Aquabats with that sort of kooky feel to it, but listening deeper into the music, there is so much more, like ……."BLAH,BLAH,BLAH", a cover of The Beatles song, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" all sung in BLAH's! Great stuff!

Date: Thu Dec 19 23:52
Le Jab (lejab@yahoo.com):
Just might ignite a new, true Indie movement ...What do you get when you breed remarkably gifted musicians with brilliant, momentous and heartfelt songwriting? You get The Fenwicks! Is it rock, ska, or funk? How about all of the above, driven to panic point with tribal-like percussion, cool array of horns, imaginative harmonies and untamed 'lead' rhythm guitar. The tunes will reverb in your head for days. Ferociously independent in style and ideas, The Fenwicks holler that love hurts, society is ruthless and the world is a mess. Listen to the lyrics and become a believer. Schub sings, philosophizes and entertains with Vaudevillian physical comedy, costumes and props. See them live and your cheeks will hurt from smiling. 'Truth & Memory', recorded at a Manhattan club in summer '02, captures the power and fun ... you'll be sweaty too! A voice of their generation, The Fenwicks' statement is a modern version of the 'live riotous or die' attitude we got from Indie pioneers like Black Flag, Minor Threat and Husker Du. The Fenwick experience is a reminder that musician's can have something to say and inspire you to do the 'bone-yard boogie'. Buy their album and listen to it - over and over again!

Date: Sun Dec 15 21:16
Nick H. (southernska@southernska.com):
Check out whats all in the southern ska scene here @: http://www.southernska.com Peace and Unity Nick H. http://www.southernska.com GET INVOLVED!

Date: Sun Dec 8 12:52
Bob Markland (Goodvibe10@aol.com):
Hey Guys, I so glad to see that you have done so well. I hope you remember me from your A.P.B. the Fenwicks tour here in Florida, I was your Tour Bus driver. I truly loved you guys,and the time we spent together. I'm ordering your CD's. I can't wait to hear them....Love you guys, and thanks for the time of my life. Always a fan Bob Markland Miami, Fl.

Date: Mon Dec 2 17:07
The Bear (www.kscrradio.com):
A mind-blowing display of anarchic behavior and disciplined musicality. Like having a quadruple espresso yet still being rational enough to appreciate the effects.

Date: Fri Nov 22 01:18
georg (gr@tplus.at):
really a great site - keep it up ! greetings from austria/europe ! please feel free to visit www.race.at our austrian music-site...

Date: Wed Nov 20 13:03
Antonio Santangleo (www.cmj.com):
Still reeling from their potent performance at the 2002 CMJ Music Marathon, New York’s the Fenwicks — the self-described “Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska” band known for its crisp brass section, yelping vocals, groove-laden rhythms and kick-line friendly beats — have returned after a lengthy hiatus with Truth & Memory, their first full-length release in over two years. Originally, this live album, which captures a complete performance by the eight-piece group recorded at Arlene Grocery in New York City on June 12, 2002, was available only as a download from the band’s Web site (www.thefenwicks.com). However, due to a sizable demand, the Fenwicks opted to properly release this 17-track outing on disc. Highlights from the witty and vibrant set include “My Luck,” the television theme show tribute “In Syndication” and “Blah Blah Blah” — an unorthodox rendition of the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” This album is sure to light a fire under your seat, so grab a cup of hot cocoa and lace up your dancing shoes; the Fenwicks are back! — from the CMJ New Music Report

Date: Wed Nov 20 11:09
Tim Firth (timfirth1@pride.hofstra.edu):
Hey guys! Tim here from WRHU, letting you know I got the package you sent, and loved it! Keep up the good work! It was through CMJ that I heard of you guys.... The Ska Show airs every Monday Night 7-9pm and you can listen to the show on your computer at www.wrhu.org if your out of our 35 mile radius radiating out of Hempstead NY. If ever you guys wanted to do a interview or even an in studio performance to be played "live" over the air, let me know. Thanks for the album, and keep up the rock! ~Tim Firth "The Ska Show" Producer.....

Date: Sun Nov 17 21:36
Laurie K. (lauriejoke@aol.com):
If there's anything more surreal than checking out Fenwicks' tunes late nite at the desert cabin, i don't know...but maybe you might want to overdub some coyotes on a track sometime, the howls sounded cool w/the horns... sorry i missed what must have been a great gig. you guys are b-tchin, and i love the Skynyrd connection. laurie k

Date: Sat Nov 16 22:55
Shawn (Drathpb420@hotmail.com):
hey steve just wondering how you were doing? i was at your practice before the show in Freebirds and i just wanted to congradulate you and your band your music was awsome and i got a cope of your CD oh and im hanging out with one of your "old" friends Big Jim (Mr. saturday night special) he says hey oh also if you see artimus samanthas brother says hey (thats me lol) well good luck on your upcoming gigs and also like you said its not about the money its about the music! sincerly me-Shawn

Date: Sat Nov 16 14:33
First Coast Entertainer (www.rickatnight.com):
"Fiercely original. The Fenwicks are today's postmodern Mothers of Invention and "Truth & Memory" is The Fenwicks at their best-- live and uninhibited. This is a genuine all-star line-up, pathfinding songwriters with visionary ideas. Up there with the best of the best. Extreme funk driven by a killer groove. It's big, bold and mind-blowing ".

Date: Sat Nov 16 14:30
Arvid Smith, Folio Weekly (www.folioweekly.com):
"The princes of Poconos Ska are back, and this time the madness comes documented on "Truth & Memory." Imagine if you will Stephen Sondheim and Leapy Lee collaborating Off-Broadway. They build a storyline around the exploits of a hard-pumping ska band booked by mistake into the ballrooms of the Catskills. The band is fronted by a WPA-subsidized Zionist writer named Happy, and finds itself compelled to do anything to entertain and relate to the audience. OK, the concept's a little hard to grasp, but there really is no other way to describe The Fenwicks. They are iconoclasts who put the happiest of mediums to work for them. From the opening track, the 17-song set pushes through and ever-changing landscape of ska-punk-folk. Ken Nasta and Ed Richardson (drums and bass respectively) compromise the tightest rhythm section on the planet, propelling the band like an over-fueled locomotive. The songs sparkle with horn-laden hooks and Jimmie Corrieri's jangly folk rock guitar. The combination is perfect. As the guiding light of The Fenwicks, Schub is a found object in a monumental work of calculation. In the best tradition of musical theatre he is at once raconteur, misunderstood literate and off-in-the-corner performance artist. His politics and life lessons are front and center in the songs. Far-removed from today's power-chord posturing, Schub is the "Rage against the Machismo", and his "Schubieshticks" seem destined to become a new art form. "Truth & Memory" blasts off and then intoxicates.

Date: Sat Nov 16 14:27
Mark Faulkner, Florida Times Union (mfaulkner@jacksonville.com):
"A jubilant explosion. The Fenwicks thrive on spontaneity better than most improv comedy troupes, and play their "Afro-Celtic Yiddish Ska" with the urgency of a death row inmate trying to win his release".

Date: Thu Nov 14 11:02
Andrew Wesolowski (andyw@blitzpowermints.com):
I want to tell you something here... your albums are great. A combination of every single instrument under the sun, and lyrics that are smart. Right now I am in love with "Chava," and it is a song that I will be in love with for many years. So thanks for the many hours of musical bliss.

Date: Mon Nov 11 16:02
Missy Whippameenah (missthang@poland.com):
The Fenwicks will save the world...

Date: Wed Nov 6 09:25
Tammie Morrison (tammie92rhs@yahoo.com):
Had the pleasure of stumbling into the World Famous Freebird Cafe and witnessing the greatest show on earth, hmmm, a circus reference imagine that.

Date: Tue Oct 22 10:18
Rick Grant (rgrant01@attbi.com):
I've been to the mountain and heard the album. You rearranged my DNA with this ska Mothers of Creation Yiddish rant. I love it!

Date: Mon Oct 21 16:16
Jerry Tiemann Music Director-KAFM Radio (tmann@kafmradio.org):
Fenwick Folks- It's the first week after the fund-drive I'm still recovering from a hellacious cold. My MD the infamous Dr. Quackenbush (no joke!!) is giggling making me sicker rather than healthier. Tonight I plan to blast the phlegm away previewing your disc for show tommorrow. You can tune into it Wednesday 9a to noon (mountain) !!! We're testing streaming the signal so go to website below for the link. Fenwicks Forever... or till they sell out.!!!! P.S. EUDAIMONIA somehow stayed on the "new shelf" a month beyond the three month limit. If asked I will plead ignorance...fact is the assistant wasn't doing their job and every time I pulled the disc last month I played it and put it back on the shelf. Favored tracks here were 1,7,2,6,9 and 13 (ordered by mostplay to least by latest date of play). KAFM Radio http://www.kafmradio.org

Date: Wed Oct 9 14:18
Carleen Bezeck (carleenbezeck@copposla.com):
The Fenwicks new C.D. "Truth and Memory" is...delicious. It's live and it's fun! Musically diverse with provocaive lyrics and big booming sound- the floozie/bloozie "My Mushy Tushy Baby" is a booty shakin' blast and the Schubieschtick brings the party home.

Date: Fri Sep 20 13:20
George (geo77rge@zot.com):

Date: Fri Aug 30 19:05
Ricardo dos Santos (fenixradioshow@oninet.pt):
Hello: Here's Ricardo from Fénix radio show from Portugal. I'm writting just to know if it's possible to add my address to your promotion files, in order to start receiving promotional stuff. Here goes the description of the show: Name: Fénix Tabletime: Fridays 23-01 on 93.3Mhz Styles: Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Goth, Alternative Address: Fénix; c/o Ricardo dos Santos; Rua do Cabeço Nº6; Silveiro; 3770-066 Oiã; Portugal. I wait for your answer. Regards; Ricardo dos Santos

Date: Thu Aug 1 22:24
R. Carson Cox (fourthwaverudie@hotmail.com):
First of all, you guys are AMAZING. Your live performance alone on your site has reassured my faith back in music today.

Date: Mon Jul 29 12:36
Brett (brichardson@wideopenwest.com):
Just got a great email from the APB list on you guys! Figured if Arty likes ya, you should be good on the ears! Wonderful tunes! Never had the pleasure of hearing ya before, now I am hooked! Thanks a bunch for the downloads! Keep Rockin! Brett

Date: Wed Jul 17 15:17

Date: Wed Jul 10 14:20

Date: Tue Jun 18 22:23
ben fenwick (ben_fenwick@hotmail):
wow its amazing what you find on the net when you search for your name. Been a fan of ska for years. Now I have my own namesake. Cant wait to hear some.

Date: Mon Jun 10 08:02
patrik (patrik@oxygen.ie):
Cheers for the reply steven---any chance of you guys playing Ireland any time soon????

Date: Mon Jun 10 03:29
Chas. (goldenboy1@adelphia.net):
Schub is GOD!

Date: Sun May 26 07:09
patrik (patrik@oxygen.ie):
this is really weird--i got a fenwicks album free with some magazine years ago!!!--i never realised they were still going!!!!!!

Date: Thu May 16 19:43
Fluffy Porcupine (www.trikuare.cx):
I bought "eudaimonia" for my brother....fun. Yiddish-influenced punk/ska....very cute mixture of innocence and perversion. (It even opens with a nod to Sesame Street.)

Date: Thu May 16 19:31
Bob Timm (http://www.ska.about.com):
Spotlighting new soldiers in the ska/reggae army.Bob Marley meets the Marx Brothers? Check out this band punching up ska-folk celtic comedy for 2002. What hope is there for ska fans checking out the Fenwicks? •  Nuts-inspired folk rage •  Skanking dance explosions expected •  Bizarre Lynyrd Skynyrd connection In brief: Depending on what songs you catch, this band is either another Satanic jam band or a pogosticking skank-loving band. Either way, they do it with love. I like it any time a band reaches back into the core of what makes off-beats intoxicating anyway. And what can I say, the Hendrix cover is a nice throw-in.

Date: Thu May 16 04:54
Kimm Flory (Ophelia27@aol.com):
Hey Guys.. Steve I have some pics you may like.. some old some new.. i want to email them to you where to? Im gonna miss you guys... Always, Kimm

Date: Mon May 6 08:32
Jerry Tiemann (again...) (tmann@kfamradio.org):
PLEASE STEVE, PLEASE as a fan of SKA and Yiddish musics, I'm anxious to be playing your disc on my world/variety show "Around The World In A Daze (perhaps over the edge) with the Tmann". I follow a Celtic show that more often than not leaves me with the AFRO-CELTIC SOUNDSYSTEM, so you can see the programming potential. Now talking as the MD for the station, it is the desire to give the independant artists the airtime, and to give our listening audience a variety of music unavailable on any other station in town (most of the airwaves are owned by two media conglomerates so you hear the same signal on AM and FM), Finally if in the future we are to develop a SKA show, the library needs to have SKA and its derivitives... Again PLEASE, PLEASE ,PLEASE send us your disc. Thank-you Tmann

Date: Sun May 5 23:49
Muddy Udders (radio_887@yahoo.com):
I run Radio 887. Free Radio Santa Rosa. We are a pirate station in Northern CA. http://www.radio887.com I checked it out and I want to play your music on my station. What did you expect? Being of "Afro-Celtic Yiddish" descent, I have kinda bonded to your stuff. :o) Look forward to playing it.... Thanks, Muddy.....

Date: Sat May 4 13:53
leo campagna (villalibano@ciaoweb.it):
hi jimmy how r u doing?everything's fine here, how did ur wedding go?hope all is ok with u and the band do u think u will b coming over this year?????????

Date: Sun Apr 28 14:18
Jerry Tiemann (tmann@kafmradio.org):
Hey guys,Found you via Bob Timm. Pure and simple I want to be playing your disc on the airwaves of KAFM, in Grand Junction Colorado. We report to CMJ. Please send the disc to KAFM PO Box 4167 Grand Junction Co 81502... talk with me (whats wrong with you? phone up a cute chick!) 970-241-8801 ext 5 m-f 9a to 3pm mountain. Thanks for the consideration.

Date: Thu Mar 21 09:17
Tony White (twhite70@hotmail.com):
Let me see if I get it: The "Desert Rat" is someone who grasps that he is living in a corrupt, barren culture (the "desert of delusion") and decides to accept that fact. Instead of giving up (hanging himself), he realizes that in any culture that he would live in - rational or irrational - the only meaning to it would be just his life. He would have to have his own inner light - both epistemologically and morally - whatever the nature of the society/people/culture around him... a literal desert rat manages to live despite his harsh, sterile, barren environment... An original, understated forumlation of a profound point. Nice interrelating of the metaphysical\technical with the emotional\ethical. Thanks...

Date: Thu Mar 14 11:03
Allie (Allicat4420@aol.com):
Thanks for the great music and funny photos.I absolutely love this band!!!! I have for years.I believe that The Fenwicks are the answer to the lull in today's music.When are they playing in Jax beach or St. Augustine again? I have been listening to the CD a lot , and I'm not sure if they are pursuing fame, but the song "Take It Too The Grave" (not the actual name of the song), it really moves me ....along with many of the other songs. I do declare THE FENWICKS my favorite band!!!!! Thank you....I love The Fenwicks!!!!!!!

Date: Wed Mar 13 00:54
Daniel "Doc" Ferszt (Danielferszt@aol.com):
Just wanted to let you guys know it was great to regroup in L.A. Hope to see ya again! Doc

Date: Mon Feb 25 14:04
Georg (gr@tplus.at):
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria and www.race.at

Date: Fri Feb 22 14:37
Kay Dover (kaysway9@aol.com):
The Objectivist conference was one of my all-time favorite weekends, and you guys were the perfect finale! It was awesome to see eudaimonia come to life! (Both the album and the concept) I shall wear my Fenwicks tee with great pride, and promote you shamelessly! : ) Come play in San Jose! All the best of life and s

Date: Mon Feb 18 19:54
Amy Peikoff (amypeikoff@hotmail.com):
Hi Guys! Thanks for the CDs! (They're not just in our house, they're being played! Not by Leonard, but by me. . . . Hey, it could be worse.) After hearing "Desert Rat" last night, and then playing it a couple times today for friends, I have to admit the melody is getting stuck in my head. We still laugh each time we hear "A is A" and "only existence exists" as part of a song. And given that I had just lectured on logical fallacies earlier in the day, "equivocation breeds stagnation" was particularly cute. Who would have thought? Anyway, best wishes and let us know next time you're in the L.A. area -- I'd like to check out a show.

Date: Thu Feb 14 21:43
J.R. Richards (http://www.dishwalla.com ):
Dishwalla Favorites of 2001: (J.R.) U2 - "All That You Can't Leave Behind" Ryan Adams - "Gold" The Fenwicks - "Eudaimonia"...

Date: Wed Feb 13 16:54
Quarternotes (http://www.gritz.net/quarters.html):
Remember the first time you heard The B-52s? Now, remember the first time you heard Lynyrd Skynyrd? Okay. Blend well in a blender, add a dash of ska...make that a full cup of ska...a pinch of Beatles, and a tablespoon full of Barenaked Ladies. Then cook on high heat until your oven explodes. Then you will be able to sit back and enjoy your Fenwicks while watching old "I Love Lucy" reruns. It's Fenwick-ilicious!"

Date: Tue Feb 12 14:51
Drake (Lee for all the Mooks I work with) (cradle_of_drake@yahoo.com):
Finally! An original band that doesn't suck!!!! Well, there went my band idea. You know it's people like you guys and Krystalle that make being in a bad mood near impossible!

Date: Fri Feb 8 13:54
Big Rational Brain (http://brbrain.topcities.com/links.htm):
The simple fact is, this band is saying things that are simply not being said anywhere else in music today....

Date: Thu Feb 7 19:13
Krystalle (panda@divagoth.com):
OMG! I can't believe I found you! I was just talking to one of my co-workers today about incredible live bands, and of course, your group jumped immediately to mind. I caught you at Club 5 sometime in the mid 90's for your original CD release party, and your incredible show has stayed with me to this day. So I came home tonight, and just for interest, I searched for you, voila. Here you are. Still putting out incredibly energetic, thought-provoking music. And even after all these years, I still get a warm feeling thinking about the concert, and how much unmitigated fun I had, even if I wasn't really originally in the mood to be out that night. Being an old goth, I must admit, Ska's never really been my thing, but your sheer drive and enjoyment of playing your music your way always did impress me. I'm glad to see you're still out here, still making music on your own terms. (Frankly, I'd lost hope for Jax ever redeeming itself musically after unleashing Fred Durst on the world. *shudder*) Keep it up, keep the faith, whatever you Ska guys do. Just keep doing it. The world may never recognize you on a mainstream level, but those of us who've seen you will never, ever forget the joy you gave us, and in those hearts and minds, the Fenwicks will live on forever. Krystalle p.s. I don't suppose there's any way to get a copy of your album from the release party I went to? I played it into the ground some years ago, and I miss it more than I can express. Please let me know.

Date: Wed Feb 6 18:46
Daniel Rehm (sleepwalkerxiii@aol.com):
"Yes" to your album. It is great fun. Also, "yes" to the little clip on your web-site of you singing the theme from "All In The Family" (wait a minute, do I detect a note of light-hearted irony in your turn of the phrase "welfare state" ? Oops. My mistake, that was -heavy-handed-irony). Also, "yes" to the young Objectivist clubs of the universe conference fest, which I can't even attend because I didn't know a thing about it until the day I bought your CD. Also, "yes" to famous (?) people sending me e-mail. Also... This gag has worn thin. By the way: Wouldn't it be wonderful if you covered the song "Taxman" by the Beatles? I know I think so, and let me tell you pal, I count. I forgot where I was going with all this, but thanks for some good music. Cheers!

Date: Sat Jan 26 01:30
Ariane (arianeseitz@hotmail.com):
Greetings to the one how spend his holidays in the most beatuifule place in Switzerland- St.Moritz. It was nice to meet you at the Al Park. I hope you survived the italien -tripp See you Ariane

Date: Thu Jan 24 14:00
Georg (gr@tplus.at):
hi to all music-lovers around the world from www.race.at

Date: Tue Jan 22 14:06
[Caffeine]Jared Hansen (jared_e_hansen@yahoo.com):
Bah, I can't type. I meant "that is", not "that's is." etc.

Date: Tue Jan 22 14:05
Jared Hansen (jared_e_hansen@yahoo.com):
Hey guys. I just bought the CD after checking out the mp3s for a few days (thanks for leaving them out there, free), and it's fantastic. This of course marks me for the philosophy/ideology geek that I am, but "Chava" and "Desert Rat" were, I can honestly say, the first songs to literally give me a chill of joy since Yes's "Time and a Word," and that's is saying something. Well done, and I hope that this won't be the last ever release. Good luck in film, Steve. cheers, jeh

Date: Sun Jan 20 20:40
Tym Parsons (tym_parsons@yahoo.com):
Kudos. You guys are effing brilliant.

Date: Thu Jan 17 01:25
Thomas L. Knapp (www.free-market.net):
Crank Up the Volume! There's a lot of music out there with a libertarian theme, I could spend all day pointing to artists and bands who get the message out -- but these guys are some serious rhythm players. If you like to dance, this is it.Listen to "Man First" and then try to tell me that No Doubt or the Mighty Mighty Bosstones have anything on The Fenwicks. Do what you can to get them buzzing in people's ears. And dance a little.

Date: Tue Jan 15 20:27
Lynn Paden (lynnNOSPAMpaden@earthlink.net):
If Bob Marley had been molested by the Marx Brothers...... actually that would explain a lot of things.

Date: Sat Dec 15 11:14
DRACOOL (v129revm@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu):
Well, I'll tell you of The Fenwicks... Very cool,funny as hell, really "out-there"...but it does make you dance!

Date: Wed Dec 12 00:01
David Lee Beowulf (www.Ink19.com):
Hysterical! Near-incoherent pop-punk (a mix of the Butthole Surfers and the Monkees)...

Date: Fri Nov 2 08:00
Patti Seitz (www.gritz.net):
"All hell broke loose as the Fenwicks took the stage. Wow!...by the time they left the stage, I was hooked! They are self-described as "the world's greatest and only ska-funk-punk-amalgamation". I couldn't have said it better myself! This band is visually stimulating, and seriously grows on you...you can't help but like them." -from her review of "The Celebration of Life" Concert

Date: Thu Nov 1 11:14
Michael Buffalo Smith (www.gritz.net):
"One of the coolest bands of the day was The Fenwicks, an off the wall ska band who inject a lot of good humor into their theatrical rock show. Steven Schub is a professional actor, besides being one helluva musician- he pushes the buck time after time, whether swaggering like Mick Jagger, or screaming like Johnny Rotten. What an entertainer. Schub proudly announced that Artimus Pyle was responsible for bringing him into the lime light, and then brought Artie out to sing an old APB classic, "My Whole World's Upside Down." Surreal is a good word." -from the Gritz Magazine "Celebration Of Life" Concert Review

Date: Sun Oct 28 07:41
Linda Marion (lmarion@loyola.edu):
The CD is great!I will be buying a copy and several of my colleagues here at the college also will be purchasing copies. We are also going to contact our local radio stations here in Baltimore and the DC area!

Date: Wed Oct 24 07:29
Karen Carter (krayonc@aol.com):
Okay Schub.... You gave me the orange card at The Celebration fiesta and here I be ~grin~ to sign up for the mailing list...all cool.....all happy, then I wandered around and watched your clip from "No Vacancy".... "Brilliant" might very well be an understatement. I'm just floored. Well, sh_t...I came here to compliment the entire band (gotta love havin a horn section, no? ~grin~) so spread the love around and tell them all how much we enjoyed the show. Krayon

Date: Mon Oct 22 21:04
anna (ellabelle54@yahoo.com):
Hey guys just wanted you to know we really enjoyed you at the artimus pyle celebration of life concert you were great i love the way you have mixed music with comedy now days we all need something to make us laugh, I especially liked the hyper little guy that dressed up and painted his hair you made me laugh so much!!! we love you guys PEACE

Date: Thu Oct 11 06:04
Pawel Michaliszyn (freebird@poczta.onet.pl):
Get in touch! I'm 42 years old and I've always been interested in music, mainly so-called the American Southern Rock. And because of that, all the aspects of my professional life are closely connected with it. I've been working for a local radio station in Jarocin called JaRadio where I have my own show called "Rock Night with Pawe³ Michaliszyn." The music I present there is based around such bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington Collins Band, the Allman Brothers Band, Gov't Mule, Point Blank, Outlaws, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, and many more. Beside the radio station, I write to some music magazines: 'Twój Blues' (Your Blues), 'Tylko Rock' (Just Rock), 'Metal Hammer'. I have also written a supplement to The Allman Brothers Band biography entitled "Midnight Rider", which includes the story of a band called Gov't Mule written by myself. Moreover I co-operate with the best Polish blues-rock band, Zdrowa Woda, which recorded Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Simple Man' with the Polish lyrics of mine, where I did try to perserve the atmosphere of Ronnie Van Zant's words. It can be found on their 2nd CD, 'Nie bój siê mi³oœci' (WYDAWNICTWO TUTAJ). And in my home town I run the music store, of course with the 'quality' music. As far as Southern Rock is concerned, it is very hard to get some of the records down here in Europe. Oftentimes, I have them shipped to me from Japan, which surely isn't a cheap way (e.g. Point Blank, Steve Gaines, 38 Special), but still many recordings are nearly impossible to get. And it's a shame I can't present such music for Polish listeners. I would love to continue playing in the radio and writing about that music and I would be immensely grateful if you could possibly send me any promo stuff, CD's, newsletters, or books of yours. Instead I can help promoting the bands in Polish radio as well as send you CD's of my country's best acts, some of which are real interesting. I am sure there are many more cool groups in the States besides well-known Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Bros., ZZ Top, or Molly Hatchet, and I would definitely do a lot to present them to listeners. Thank you in advance, and God bless you, Pawe³ Michaliszyn My address: 63-300 Pleszew Al. Wojska Polskiego 5-2 Poland freebird@poczta.onet.pl muzaki@inetia.pl P.S. I've just learned that Leon Wilkeson is dead. It's another tragedy to Lynyrd Skynyrd family. Not so long ago I wrote a farewell article about Gov't Mule's Allen Woody, and now again I will have to depict the sad fact of passing away one of my favorite musicians. Oh, God, have mercy on us and let us not experience any more of such tragedy! Pawe³. I pray behind you... I pray behind United States... We Poland people are in these terrible moments with you!!!!!!!!!! Let Merciful God be from Americans People Let such tragedy more will not happen again I am in prayer with You Pawel Michaliszyn

Date: Sun Sep 30 14:15
selina filippone (jodys@netsense.com):
hi guys! GREAT website. Hope everything is going well in your worlds. Just wanted to say hi

Date: Wed Sep 26 14:55
Chris Thomas M.D. (thomc6@mayo.edu):
Dear Fenwick Sirs:I am an older M.D. type at Mayo- Jax but your music is the most refreshing I have heard in years. Could you guys be the heirs of the long lost "Talking Heads" crowd? Told my kids and my brothers about the band. Best wishes for success...

Date: Tue Aug 21 18:27
Dylan Ritalyn (www.demorama.com):
Good witty intelligent fun!...Upbeat ska-folk-punk with sharp lyrics ta boot!

Date: Mon Aug 6 14:17
Kay Dover (KaysWay9@aol.com):
Steve,Hi! I hope you are having a fun-filled journey, spreading your madness to the far corners of the world. I just wanted to tell you how awesome your CD is. I've listened to it about a zillion times, and I'm still excited about it!You probably hear this all the time,but you've done a fantastic job...

Date: Mon Aug 6 11:23
Douglas Roddy (Unmalboy@yahoo.com):
GREAT show.Almost a week later & I'm still smiling. I thought the horns were a great touch.Heard you on WFCF Flagler College radio,rumor is you're coming back in October.I look forward to seeing you play again...You left many people talking about your music and the great show.Thank you again.Your message was heard.

Date: Sun Aug 5 13:45
Mark Faulkner (mfaulkner@jacksonville.com):
Steve,Just wanted to say great show.Your renditions of "My Heart Will Go On" and "Ob-la-Di Ob-la-da" will go down in my favorite concert experience memories. Sorry I didn't get to meet you in person. I spoke with Mitch Gerganous from the group Powerball about your show.Mitch is handling A&R for the east coast for a new label founded by members of Fishbone. He said he'd love to talk to you about distributing "Eudamonia" nationally.Good luck with everything. I'm already looking forward to the next CD and release party. Mark Faulkner - Florida Times-Union

Date: Sun Aug 5 13:38
Tammy Poweski (doggirley@cs.com):
Hey Guys,Caught the show at the "Freebird Cafe".My husband and I are big fans,we used to see you guys at the Dockside and Club Five, and any other place you used play when ya'll were in town. Man, ya'll Rock the house, it was so great to see ya,please do it again soon, for the Jacksonville fans and for us. Thanks alot, for the great times at all your shows.You guys are the best live band ever!

Date: Wed Aug 1 16:11
Nigel again.... (oy@vey.com):
Whoops.Try this: www.firstcoastnews.com/news/2001-06-22/summerconcerts_fenwicks.asp

Date: Wed Aug 1 11:03
Nigel St.Hubbins (oy@vey.com):
Now dig this: www.firstcoastnews.com/new/2001-06-22/summerconcerts_fenwicks.asp

Date: Fri Jul 13 00:40
Joey (seven000turns@yahoo.com):
Maybe this'll help... Grow Up! Your text contains a word that others may find offensive. Please re-enter your text and make it suitable for everyone. Return to Comments Section -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The unacceptable words are in bold below: Hey guys, keep on rockin. Awesome sh|t!!! I love it...I'm gonna make up some artwork for the demos we talked about...will send it when I'm done-hopefully you guys will like it. Later guys!

Date: Wed Jul 11 01:32
Seymour Glass (hapworth@16.com):
Eternal Vigilance.

Date: Wed Jun 13 15:41
MONKEY 1 (Loskungfumonkeys@hotmail.com):

Date: Thu Jun 7 18:23
Rick Grant- First Coast Entertainer (www.rickatnight.com):
In regard to the new album, I’m still pondering its scope, which is as wide as the Grand Canyon musically. The Fenwicks’ new music is refreshingly new, (which is a good thing) remarkably uninhibited, with hooky melodies and hot grooves. How do I define it? Imagine: What if Captain Beefheart of Trout Face Replica fame converted to Judaism, and was inspired to express his new spirituality by taking acid and assembling a gang of gypsy musicians to capture his rapture in music. Like I said, it’s inexplicable, but somehow it’s mesmerizing and funny as a listening experience. Eudaimonia is a kaleidoscope of tone colors and moods, tied together by modulations and sudden rhythm changes. If Fellini expressed his art in music,he would have started a band similar to The Fenwicks. The Fenwicks could be compared (if comparisons were not odious) to the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed’s experimental band, but more refined and less raw. Steve’s voice is distinctive, imbued with a nervous vibrato that sounds like it will break up any second, but it’s always unwavering. Steve’s theatre-of-the-absurd presentation gives The Fenwick’s its dramatic identity. More significantly, the band members are collectively tight and individually accomplished musicians. I've had the CD locked into my car's CD player for four days, and I'm still enjoying it. It's totally uncompromising and fresh. I loved the Big Bopper references. that was soooo hip Bravo. Frankly, I think they put subliminal messages in the music to mess with my head. They are-- fiendish Yiddish Visigoths-- purveyors of brain damage and mutterers of foul blasphemy. But, I like it!

Date: Tue May 29 00:35
Andrew Schwartz (www.thenewphilosophy.com):
Hey Steven,I checked out The Fenwicks website out earlier and what a great surprise!You guys have really expressive music- lots of energy and color and also sophistication, which I really enjoyed. Also, I saw a clip of your acting and was really taken by it.I REALLY admire the energy and skill you bring to the screen, and the fact that you do it so well and so freely. p.s.I've got a website too that you might like, at www.thenewphilosophy.com

Date: Tue May 8 12:30
Andrew Breese (www.heightenedsenses.com):
You guys are very cool. I just now raved about your music at my website: "8:36 am- I happened to follow the Best Spam E-mail Ever this morning: a link to some terrific music! I'm mostly through the discography now, and I'm pretty well blown away. Strikingly high quality mp3's. Randian Rush-quality lyrics. Wild!"

Date: Mon May 7 10:53
Kit Jones (kit.jones@hobbs-corp.com):
This CD gives me great hope that bands still try to do the unexpected & write the bold!I love this!!!.....Unfortunatly I have no way to define it in a review-but I will try!!!!I actually hear a lot of "YES" in this-any connection?Keep writing-but you will have a hard time bettering this. Frigging Awesome kit m jones/Gritz magazine

Date: Fri Apr 13 07:47
Michael Gauvin Smith (flutie@tiac.net):
Hi Steve et al...Just a quick note to say hi and that I'm still following the craziness/ brilliance that you guys are so famous for. I hope all is well and talk to you later.

Date: Wed Apr 11 13:23
Eva (" "):
Has No Vacancy ever been released?

Date: Wed Apr 11 13:18
Eva (Gimmeaguinness@yahoo.com):
I just got word that The Mighty Fenwicks shall be playing Jacksonville in late June...whisch is wonderful, but sadly I shall be in Ireland for 3 months, June thru August!! Depressing...

Date: Tue Apr 10 23:12
Dr.Remulack (meshuganacop@shpilkes.com):
Poo poo ca ca pee pee doo doo.Poo poo ca ca pee pee doo doo.

Date: Wed Mar 21 11:24
ourselves (schubieshake@mindspring.com ):
Are we working again?Huh?Huh?Huh?

Date: Mon Jan 1 11:53
Mr. Leo (villalibano@ciaoweb.it):
BUON ANNO We are enjoying our stay at the VILLA LIBANO. We LOVE little little children and BIG hats & BIGGER bellies AND even though Leo refuses to CANTARE, we are sure that he has a lovely singing voice anyway. We are looking forward to new arrivals of children in the FIRST year of the millenium. Here is my question of the new year. WHO IS THE REAL PARTNER OF BATMAN? 1) Robin 2) Superman 3) Sabastiano? Winners will receive 1000 lire cash money. CHEERS & SALUTE, MR. LEO

Date: Sun Dec 10 17:29
Eva (gimmeaguinness@yahoo.com):
irish chick living in U.S.A!! Love you guys!!! I need something cool to do for New Year 2001. Where are you guys playing? Or is your lead singer too busy with his acting career??? (Watched all movies....Good) Let us fans know if you shall be playing or not!!! Peace

Date: Mon Dec 4 15:58
Andrew Wesolowski (andrewmw@uwm.edu):
i am in milwaukee wisconsin and saw you play with selector in 1997 i think. i say that i was very impressed by the performance and when i tell friends about you i say how you were the best live performance ive ever seen and i have been to hundreds of shows. so i saw you perform, fell in love, took a cd release poster of the wall, which is prised possesion, got member of no and became a fen-head. i got a little letter for caught and went to see that and own it now. and i also got some stills from it. its all wonderful. and thats my story

Date: Sun Dec 3 21:30
andrew wesolowski (andrewmw@uwm.edu):
i would just like to tell you cats that i love you i thank you for bring me many many hours of running around my room, jumping on my bed, and making odd faces at stangers for no reason at all other. you all rock.

Date: Thu Nov 30 04:48
Michael Gauvin Smith (flutie@tiac.net):
Steve and the Fenwicks, You guys rock...eudaimonia has been in my CD player in faithfull rotation and I have to say that "What the Hammer" is my favorite today. Rock on! Mike

Date: Thu Nov 23 16:30
Wendy Lieb Schapiro (wschapiro@aol.com):
Hey! Just leaving a note here in the hopes that Steve Schub gets a chance to see it. Steve, a million years ago my brother David Lieb and I attended Camp Arazim with you. It's wonderful that someone from our misspent youth is making it big! Enjoy your much-deserved success and remember to pound the table and sing the birkat every now and then. Tell Karen and Jenny I send my love when you speak to them. ~Wendy Lieb Sch

Date: Wed Nov 22 13:08
Carilyn Farina (Carilyn57@hotmail.com):
I just wanted to let you know that I am the proud owner of the new Fenwicks CD "Eudaimonia". I had a problem with the mail and didn't receive it until about 10 days ago. It was soooo worth the wait. I can't tell you how much I love this CD! The songs are so different from anything I've ever listened to. The words (Schubie, you're brilliant!) the music (so much fun!) You should see me on the subway, I've gotten some strange looks, but, It's hard to sit still listening to this CD.It has been with me everyday since I tore open the packgage, and I can't wait to see you guys playing live! I hope that's soon.

Date: Wed Nov 22 12:23
Alison Ray Foley (proudshoes@aol.com):
It is such a thrill to be eagerly awaiting the arrival of my very own FENWICKS CD!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

Date: Fri Nov 17 22:06
Murph (murph222@mediaone.net):
Yes, I have single-handedly found the world's strangest band, I got it in the $1.00 bin at discount records and it has been entertaining me ever since. The guy makes very strange and frigg'n hilarious sounds...all in an Irish accent! If you look closely you'll see that frontman Steven Schub is an actor from such films and shows as 13th Floor, NYPD Blue, and Desparate Measures...as well as a whole slew of other movies that I'm sure sucked ass. But if you happen to see this in a dollar bin somewhere pick it up. Even just the first 5 minutes of laughter will be worth the 99 cents.

Date: Tue Nov 14 16:50
John D. Aimone (www.amazon.com/eudaimonia):
Once again the Fenwicks deliver heart pounding, soul searching lyrics along with an excellent band. The Fenwicks finally have everything in place. If you loved the duo, you'll love this group even more!

Date: Tue Nov 14 16:42
An oops,a whoops,and a d'oh! (schubieshake@mindspring.com):
Please note: Due to a still yet undiagnosed mental disorder in the apparently befuddled brain of your host(and despite also being posted on Amazon and at CDBaby),under "The World Reacts"(see below),3 of the reviews(NW Monthly,Otis and Ink 19)are actually for our 1st disc "Member of No Tribe".All the rest are "eudaimonic" I assure you(unless otherwise noted,i.e. live reviews,random misc. etc).Just thought I'd clarify....spastically yours,shake

Date: Sun Nov 5 15:43
A Music Fan From Oaktown,CA (www.amazon.com/eudaimonia):
Another outstanding album from the long-silent camp of The Fenwicks. This full-band effort features more elliptical lyrics than their earlier effort, but the musicianship and bouncy energy of the first album are all here again, perhaps even more so than before ... there really isn't anyone else in the world who writes brooding lyrics quite the way Mr. Schub does ... consistently inventive, catchy and uncategorizable. Serves the function of pop music for those consistently unable to listen to any of the drivel that usually brings home the bucks.

Date: Fri Nov 3 15:01
The World Reacts... (www.cdbaby.com/eudaimonia):
Reviewer: Northwest Monthly- David Buksh Every other band claims to defy categorization. The Fenwicks actually do.Bursting with a backbeat and primal moving energy that almost never happens on a disc,The Fenwicks have discovered some sort of new cerebral dance music.A thinking man's version of booty shakin' music.That doesn't explain everything about the Fenwicks though.You have to listen to the intricate little stories woven by Schub to fully appreciate this oddly unique mixture of word and rhythm.The Fenwicks are indeed a crazy idea that has gotten completely out of hand.Fun,fun,impossible fun. Reviewer: Ink 19- Jared Campbell The Fenwicks are a breath of fresh breath.Actually,you don't need to breathe,because they do it for you.Ska, funk,folk,acoustic,ah man,you name it they do it.And they don't dangle around about it neither.From catchy pop to polka-dotted cheer this disc will make even the modest nut sweat.Listen, see, talk about, and buy The Fenwicks.You will be a better person for it. Reviewer: Otis Magazine This is one album that we have been waiting a long time to get,and the thing cooks.The Fenwicks' music follows no set standards,they make their own.Every song is just as unpredictable as the next,and there are no low points to their creativity.This band reeks of talent.The beats are plain incredible,the songs aggressive and heady.The Fenwicks call themselves,"the world's greatest and only ska-funk-folk-punk amalgamtion".We'll give them that. Reviewer: Kerri Hampton-pyle Definitely check out this incredible CD if your mind, body and soul craves inspiration that can only be derived through music. If you like to dance, think, or groove, this is the CD for you. The music is dynamic and the lyrics dogmatic. For those of you who remember the early days of the Fenwick's, you will not be disappointed. The energy and chemistry of the Fenwick's remain alive and this is a good thing, a very good thing. Peace, Kerri Reviewer: Terravibes one wonders if this most god awful album cover was an intentional attempt at masking one of the best albums made? The production of this album was done very sharp and clean with full respect to all the spectrum of audible sound, good job for that, well i suppose to get critical, the low end could have been more pronounced, but i like boom boom.

Date: Fri Nov 3 14:52
The Crank (www.crank.com):
Many years ago, I heard a punk cover of "I am the Walrus" and, ever since, I've stood by the statement that "The only good Beatles song is a covered Beatles song." Test it out for yourself. And if you still don't believe it, go see The Fenwicks perform "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da" at a fever-pitched ska beat. The main entertainment onstage is the singer; he's a friggin' goofball. Half eccentric (a la Tom from Alice Donut) and half Art School/Theater reject, he's got quite an act, including stuffing his harmonica in his mouth (width-wise) and playing it, and later playing a tune on a plastic trumpet with his nose. Their album is called "Member of No Tribe," out on Argus Records(also"eudaimonia" on Flip-Dog Discs 2001). Give it a shot...and see them live if you have the chance.

Date: Fri Nov 3 13:06
Tyler Jacobson (www.hybridmagazine.com):
Ska, like punk, isn't dead. But, if the bastardized version of either is the only thing keeping the body on life support, it may be time to pull the plug. The body of ska lives to see another heartbeat with the entrance of The Fenwicks

Date: Thu Nov 2 11:08
squash (squash@riffage.com):
Great record! From Ska to what sounds like 80's British pop, and everything in between. Keep on rocking!

Date: Wed Nov 1 19:21
Ari Ben-Canaan (www.Mila18.com):
Test #1b